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I think it was the Omega who killed the guy in the ambulance, since it was him who said the guy was already dead. Also, do we know for certain it was Kate’s liver? I thought it dug up a nearby grave, and Isaac was digging Kate’s?

i assume, i need to rewatch, but it was her funeral soon. *shrugs* also, why omega? why human livers?

Yeah, and you can tell it was her grave Isaac was digging because it made a point of showing the headstone (well, I think).  But, I don’t actually know if it was her that the shapeshifter …ate.  I can remember that they made a point of showing the body, which I thought was weird, so it might have been.

What do you mean ‘why omega’?

As to human livers, I’m not sure, but Kate’s may be the only liver taken?  There was never any mention of Isaac’s dad’s liver being taken, and as it’s fairly specific I’m fairly sure they would have mentioned it.  Nor the cute hunter guy’s.  All he had was scratches down his back, from what we could see.  Hopefully that might be explained by the ever badass Doc Deaton next episode?

Also, #maliex is cool?  ssadhfasfghjsal what?!

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