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you dare to question our judgement? you are not a knight, you’re not even a physician. you’re nothing but a servant.

I wanted Merlin to just like call down thunder from the sky and turn all of the knights into slag. just sayin

I think this really rammed home the fact that usually, they treat him really well.  I mean, this is how they really would have treated him if were any other servant, I think.  But they always listen to Merlin, treat him with respect.  And aside from Gwen and Gaius, he’s the only one who gets this kind of respect.

Which is simply fascinating if you ask me.  Considering he’s just a manservant.

I mean, obviously, it’s because he’s Arthur’s consort, but shhhh.

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You know, after that opening scene of last week’s Merlin,

That bit where Merlin’s standing in the gully with one of Arthur’s cloaks on and hefting an axe?  I can just bet that afterwards, when the fighting was finished, he was still holding it, and Arthur would be like “Merlin!  Put that down before you hurt yourself!”

And Merlin would just grin and fight back, and they’d start squabbling.

And then all the knights would just look on fondly, with expressions of

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