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If I were you, I wouldn't take me seriously.

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maliex started following you




Hey there!

Well hey, you appear on my dash so often, I figured I may as well outright follow you.

Also I happen to adore London and will therefore watch both you and she-who-was-known-as-Warp closely, because I can be overprotective like that.

So hi!


I dunno what you’re expecting me to do but ok asdfghjkl; 

Considering the things I see on my dash, I think the question is more what wouldn’t you guys do, but well, so long as everyone’s having fun except maybe those poor innocent rp blogs.

What’s with the keyboard smash?  Is it ‘wow you’re cute for being overprotective’ or ‘wow you’re our kind of insane’ or what?  Just out of curiosity.

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    I know her weak spots, and she trusts me to an extent? I know where she lives? I also believe I’m older than any of you,...
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    It depends what you have to offer plus Warp is already involved whether she likes it or not. You just seem very...