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Help a girl out?

Hey guys, I’m selling some stuff. Interested?

It’s a Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Sephiroth figurine, complete with box. It’s currently at 99 pence on eBay, shipping to the UK. It’s in good condition, so I’d like to get a higher price if possible.

Check it out! Thanks in advance.

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the jaeger graveyard, in oblivion bay, and the corpses of fallen jaegers, tacit ronin, horizon brave, and romeo blue

#just think about the fact that each one of those giant broken robots #represents a pair of dead jaeger pilots #who died trapped in each other’s heads #feeling each other’s terror pain and sense of failure at holding off the kaiju (via analogized)

 i wonder though if maybe that made it better?? knowing that there was someone else with you someone you knew inside and out and knew you to the very ends of your soul knowing that you weren’t dying alone it’s bad enough that on some level they failed because they’re in the city and the movie and gdt made a point of the miracle mile and shelters and trying to minimize loss of innocent life and keeping the kaiju out o f the cities and some if not all of those jaegers were lost because the pilots hit the self-destructrather than let whole cities be nuked so these pilots are dying and knowing that they’re dying and knew in the back of their minds that this was probably how it was going to end how it was always going to end but at least they’re not alone (via bloglikejaeger)

#and if you think about it #that makes stacker pentecost and chuck hansen at the bottom of the ocean #a continuation of a jaeger pilot tradition #of holding the line no matter what #of self sacrifice #and probably also the realisation of both stacker pentecost and herc hansen’s worst nightmares #stacker leaving his daughter in a jaeger and not knowing if she’ll come out safely #and herc seeing his son pull the self destruct #just like he always pictured himself doing one day #where would you rather die: here or in a jaeger #tell me that for the first gen pilots #the answer could be anything else other than in a jaeger (tags via analogized)

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Filed under I don't think it was like this at first Like it says in the opening They started winning Rangers were celebrities They were so confident and overcocky They thought they couldn't be beaten It wasn't until Knifehead that things went bad When Knifehead figured out the connpod and sent that information out to the Hivemind And then they started loosing Jaegars And then the self destruct became the last option Then Rangers started realising that this was a loosing battle I don't know But imagine all that pride and glory And the shock that went round when jaegars started falling like dominos and pilots started self destructing rather than let people die on their watch Pacific Rim

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In celebration of a good month of etsy sales/Valentine’s Day I’m giving away one set of my handstamped Drift Compatible bracelets - perfect for you and a friend, sibling or SO (or hey, keep both for yourself)!

1) Reblog this post to enter - every reblog is another entry and you can reblog as many times as you like (but as per usual don’t spam your followers with reblogs). If you follow me I’ll add something special in your package! Likes don’t count.
2) No giveaway blogs.
3) Have your ask open and be willing to give me your address, of course. Respond within 48 hours of me messaging you.
4) If I get to 800 etsy sales before the end of the giveaway I’ll give 2 people a set rather than 1. If somehow I make even more sales than that every 100 extra sales means another set to give away.
5) Winner will be randomly chosen with a number generator. 
6) If you have any questions, send me a message c:

GIVEAWAY ENDS ON FEBRUARY 28th (so if you want a set for Valentine’s Day you’re going to have to order them from my etsy rather than win them)

2 days left! Remember that there will be THREE winners, each getting a set of bracelets because I hit 900 etsy sales a few days ago!

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The dominant pilot is on the right side of the jaeger." - Guillermo del Toro (Special Features: Director’s Notebook)



like there was any question about that


Actually, while this is a nice point, he says it before he sees that it’s Mako.

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